The Mid-South Fly Fishers is a club of 300 members headquartered in Memphis, TN. Incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 1977, we are open to everyone interested in the sport of Fly Fishing.   

Next Meeting:                                                                               

Jason RandallJason Randall has been an outdoor writer for the last ten years with feature articles appearing regularly in American Angler, as well as Fly Fisherman, Eastern Fly Fishing, Northwest Fly Fishing and many other outdoor magazines. He is a veterinarian certified in fish health and medicine. He is also a member of the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association and the Society for Freshwater Science. His presentations last year at the Mountain Home fishing fair were widely praised as being of the highest quality. His books have earned praise from people such as Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser for their content and information.
‘Moving Water: A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Currents’ studies the effect of current on trout, their prey species and presentation, where vertical layers of current create drag and requires adjustments to improve nymph fishing success.
‘Feeding Time: A Fly Fisher’s Guide to What, Where and When Trout Eat’ focuses on matching your fishing strategies to the trout’s feeding strategies, especially when targeting large trout.
A Fly Fisher’s Guide to What Trout See, Hear and Smell’, which offers anglers an opportunity to know more about the quarry they seek. All of these books will be available on the night and Jason will gladly add a personal comment for you.

We have a full day planned with Jason on April 7th.
From 10am to 2pm Vince and Marsha Marascuilo have kindly allowed us to fish on their lake, Jason will be there to fish along with us and answer questions you may have.
At 4:30 pm he will present “Catching Large Trout – Large trout are different from the smaller trout they once were in diet, feeding strategy and lifestyle. When the target is large trout we have to change our fishing strategy to match their feeding habits.” This will take place at Stonebridge Golf Club.
For the evening program he will present “Where Trout Are – It’s not enough to read the water you have to identify prime feeding lies to target the best fish. Pick out prime lies with a close look at feeding lanes, feeding lies and food distribution in the river.

Meetings are located at

3049 Davies Plantation Rd, Lakeland, TN 38002 CLICK HERE FOR MAP

Buffet dinners are $20 per person. Kids under 16 are
half price. There is no charge if you don’t want to eat. Cocktails at 6 p.m., dinner at
7 p.m. and program at 8 p.m. Hope to see you there.

Club News:                                                                                 

Don’t forget about our Club Meeting Tuesday April 7th.  We have a full day planed with Jason Randall. 

  • 10am-2pm — we are taking Jason fishing at Vince’s lake.  Feel free to join us if you would like, we will email a map to our members.
  • 4:30-5:30 — Jason will be giving a presentation on “Catching Large Trout”
  • Club Meeting — Jason’s presentation will be  “Where Trout Are” a presentation about water reading

Jason will also be available to sign his books, he is generously letting the club keep the proceeds from any book sales sold through the club.  You can purchase them in advance by clicking here.

We will be holding our Intro to Fly Tying Class on Thursday April 2nd.  You can sign up for the class on our website or by clicking here

Our Little Red Outing will be held at Little Red Trout Dock from April 17th – 19th. The club has reserved rooms and beds.  Email Chris Allen at callenshooter@aol.com to reserve a spot or for more information on the outing.