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FFI Southern Council Cancels Fly Fishing Fair

Ronald J Kwoka  | Published on 5/19/2019

You may have heard rumors about the 2019 Fly Fishing Fair. Or the lack of a 2019 Fly Fishing Fair. Here is the status:

The Board of Directors of the Southern Council of Fly Fishers International decided to cancel the 2019 Fly Fishing Fair. This was not an easy decision. This decision was made for a number of reasons:

  1. The attendance at the Fly Fishing Fair has been steadily declining. This decline in attendance has caused a decline in vendors. Several of the long time vendors stated that they would not return in 2019. Decline in vendors causes a further decline in attendance. A vicious circle.
  2. Putting on a show such as the Fly Fishing Fair requires lots of volunteers. Volunteers in the form of clubs or individuals just have not been stepping forward.
  3. The Fly Fishing Fair is the Southern Council’s only fund raiser. We were lucky to make a profit in 2018. Much of the profit was attributable to the financial support of the Mountain Home Advertising and Promotions Commission. The Commission is not willing to promise the same level of financial support for the future.
The Board of Directors has decided to replace the Fly Fishing Fair with a Fly Fishing Tournament. The Fly Fishing Tournament will be held on the weekend each year as the Fly Fishing Fair has historically been held. In 2019, it will be held on October 4 and 5. 

FFI SOC Fly Fishing Tournament